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9. April 2013

Plan …

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I’m currently not able to catch up with my aim. I have been in setting up partnership with cisco for a company and now i start to get again more into the technical topics. As for the partnership there are a lot of tools and other things you might have been never come along as a ccie. But they are also needed and definitely necessary, when you want at least to reach a partner status up from premier. You will have to complete all points from an audit list and that is not little, especially for a first time audit.

But i will catch up and want to stick again more in writing here to also catch up with technologies, as they are changing.

I have been to Cisco Live in the beginning of this year and there have been many new topics around. Some of them what is quite new are still UCE, but also Cloupia, OpenStack, SDN (Software Defined Networking) as these are some examples about things developing at cisco. Still UCS and Nexus is currently the part, that catches up and customers getting more and more into it, as HP is loosing market shares, maybe, they do not have invested that much in new developments and also have the problem to support all the old stuff. Cisco has started with a new product and does not have these problems. There are many improvements in comparison to cisco. Cisco does have stateless computing, has much more settings in their service profiles

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