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25. Oktober 2012

The Plan: The way ist the path or the path is the way?

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Anyway, it up to you how you start or how you go for it. What you should do is to organise your studies. That would probably take some burden from your shoulders and could be a great chance for your future be be solid enough for upcoming tasks. Take the time to plan your path. So first might be to make a timetable where you roughly plan your way. It might look like this:
1: Collect Basic Informations, Plan your Study, make a timetable.
2. Study design and product and technologies on a high level
You need to understand what would be where and why at first
3. Go for Labs, train and look at the details and at least mybe to some labs

So what is that for me. Currently there seems to be like many vendors doing starting with datacenter. You should take the one, that best matches to you.
Ask yourself how you can learn the best and what would be a good way to learn about new stuff.
Make a list of books, you would need to read or for reference.
Labs are still not available from the different vendors. Seems like, it could take still some months for them. In the meantime it would be nice to focus on technologies to know them really well.
So that could be a plan:
October: Basic Informations
November: Technology studies
December: Technology studies
January: Lab details, maybe written
February: Lab details
March: Some complete labs –
April: Might be neccessary to take a bootcamp before the lab also
April: take the lab

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