New start

Hi there,

as i move across a boarder up to Switzerland from Germany and also to another employee. I have decided to startup with my preparation for the sec lab again. I managed to setup gns3 version 0.7.4. Here is my .net file. I have implemented all related devices for compatibility.

I find it really great. Seems like it’s possible to simulate 100% of the lab equipment and functions on my laptop. I have a notebook with the intel m620 processor ( and 4 gb ram (windows 7, 64-bit). After adjusting idle values i got about 30-40% processor usage after starting all 14 devices (ASA1, ASA2, IDS/IPS, R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, SW1, SW2, BB1, BB2, BB3). ASA1, ASA2 and IDS/IPS is producing most of the load. While „only“ the routers are doing about 5-10% when idle and with no configuration.

Here is my gns3 .net file for version 0.7.4. You have to adapt the directories to your environment.

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