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14. April 2010

ACS 5.1 with vmware workstation 6.5

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Just had the problem with vmware workstation 6.5.3 that the ACS 5.1 installation would not find the SCSI hard disc. It’s always claiming the the hard disc size is „0“. The problem with the vmware workstation installation is, that for the ACS bootdisc it’s not possible to identify the SCSI controller. I must be an LSI SCSI controller.

With vmware version 6.5 it seems not possible to configure the SCSI controller version over the GUI. So you will have to change the value directly in the machines vmx file.

You have to add the controller device in the vmx vmware configuration file for the virtual machine itself. It should look like:

scsiX.virtualDev = „lsilogic“

where X is the controller number. For the ACS insstallation it would be

scsi0.virtualDev = „lsilogic“

After this change the Installation should work fine.

Other defaults i took have been:

OS: Red Hat

Mem 512

Disc: min 60 GB SCSI

Processors: 2

After booting from the iso image you will have to enter „1“ and wait for some minutes. Then login with „setup“ and enter the defaults for the device.

Then the installation will complete.

You will have to obtain a valid license after login in.

Use „ACSAdmin“ and your given password (or use „default“) from the setup process.

After changing to a new password, you will have to add a valid license file.

Don’t ask me for this license.



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