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19. Juli 2009

First Ironman …

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For a long time i did not post any comments. This had a reason…

Not really a CCIE topic, but i did my first ironman (3,8km swim, 180km bike, 42,195km run) in Switzerland, zuerich last week at the 12.7.09.

For those who are interested in, i managed to finish, not the best time, but many others did not finish. So for my first ironman i did it in 13 hours and 48 minutes.

I’m used to cycle long distances already for many years and i was interested how this will be if i also do some swimming and running so i started training in January this year. I wasn’t a good swimmer and still i need much more technique training in freestyle. Bicycling was always my favorite discipline. I did a lot of endurance training in the winter and spring.

2222 Athlets starting at the Ironman Zürich 2009

2222 Athletes starting at the Ironman Zuerich 2009

During the race i drank a lot isotonic drinks. But i thought running would be easier. So i used much more time during the marathon, than i thought. I’m still looking why i was about one hours slower, than the time i would normally finish the distance. Might have been a drinking problem. Maybe i needed more salt in the drinks.

But i finished quite in good shape and wasn’t to exhausted. People had been very nice and they cheered up us a lot. Thanks to the audience in zuerich. I have registered already for the next one in Frankfurt on the 4.7.2010.

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