OSPF process clearing

A very helpful command to reset the current ospf process is:

clear ip ospf process

This restarts the process and let OSPF re-establish adjacencies.

What i found out, ist that the router-id does not change, when you have set up another ip address for a loopback.

But then resetting the OSPF process with the „router-id“ command is successful.

So for example the current router-id is because of loopback0 with ip add and  you change the ip address of loopback0, the OSPF process does not update the router-id, even with „clear ip ospf proc“ not.

„router-id“ does reset the OSPF process too. So setting it and then removing with „no router-id“ would do the trick. Anyway, you can of course set the right id before. Just to mention that. Hope i made that clear. 🙂

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