What’s next…

Now it’s one week ago and i still sometime login to my cisco certification account and watch at the result of my exam. 🙂

But what comes next? Have you thought about this before? Forward-looking i was already thinking about taking another path. Did want to have more knowledge about security. I was think about Service Provider also. But this is not as close to me, as security is, in the sense of building up a network. I take the path from LAN to WAN then after R&S, Security comes first and after that Service Provider. Had also already more experience in security and side effects will be better for me with security, i think. Also in April the security lab, will have some interesting updates as the pix and the concentrator will be removed from the lab.

Well, i have my little family and my son is still small. But now he is already close to his first birthday. Time runs, as i can just notice often.

So i will take the time i can spare to start the security track and start learning in the near future.

I will have to build my rack and have already seen that most of the devices can be build with dynamips/dynagen, pemu and vmware. So i will share my buildup and proceedings and populate my blog with more security topics in the future.

Will have some holiday also, if you think now, i should take that first.

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