LockLizard with new IE products, beta V5 workbook

I`m using linux only on my laptop. Sometimes i`m not able to connect to the internet maybe for about 2-3 weeks, for example when being on holiday in a little town with no access to internet at all, like this year. But IE is now using security protection for their files, that will prevent me from using these documents. I don`t understand their orientation. I have paid for these files and i don`t want the be treated as a someone untrustable. And also i want to use these documents to ease my work and not to make my work more complicated. With the new protection software you have to connect every week once to the internet to be able to read them. Also LockLizard only works with Windows.

They suggest using vmware with xp or vista on linux to unprotect these files with the new locklizard software. It`s like if you by a book and you will not be able to read it, if you don`t update the store where you bought it once a week, what pages are you reading right now.

I would like to change to another workbook vendor, but seems like that others are not that easy to setup on dynamips. IPexpert said, that they don`t support dynamips. They will send a full hardisc with their materials. But this should work with linux also.



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