going for the lab date

I`m not so very motivated. Learning is quite hard. I had the time, that i could not configure the easiest things. I was confused about setting up frame-relay dlci`s. But this time has gone. I still have about some weeks to go. My lab date is not booked yet. My company was giving me about a week for learning so far. Will see how this will be in the next weeks. I will be in the office next week in at a customers site the week after. From the workload it should be possible to have 1 or two days extra for learning. But i will see.

I got also extra online rack time sponsored for my favorite racks provider. Seems like everything is working fine, but the devil is in the detail always. 🙂 I just apprechiate the next weeks. Will get some day`s off at the beginning of may definitely. Spring is about to come and for me this is the nicest season of the year. Do some bicycling for now. Have a great day too.

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