About to take the lab in february/march next year

Currently i wake up a 4 in the morning and start learning until 7:30, than go to work. I spend the whole last week at the customers site. I got sick and now i hope the next week will get better.

Currently i can work quite good with dynamips. I did labs 4.1 version 3 from ie. I`m now at lab 8.

I found that i really also need to do some sports. I started badminton again and i will try to do some wall climbing. My first try was not that bad and i think this could be a sport that i will like.

Next year i will also start to do online labs with rented racks. I will do this on each weekend Sat/Sun for about 5 hours. I need also my time to recover from learning and i thinks it`s difficult enough if you have a job. I will see how much my new company will support me on my CCIE. Still have to recert for the CCIE Written.

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