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24. November 2007

dynamips performance on suse linux

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As i started to configure some labs now, i recognized that my new laptop with dual core 2,1 Mhz (3GB )is not enough for 14 virtual machines.

In the beginning everything is fine. When you fire up all devices first, you get a load about 5-10 percent. Which is really nice. Most devices have not really much configured. But as you add more configurations, the load starts to get higher. When i start to add BGP the load is getting to high for one machine. Even i got the best idlepc value for my machine, the neighbors got flapping and it`s getting unusable.

I read about each router is equipped with a cpu with about 400 Mhz each. That make`s 5,6 Ghz for 14 machines. So a single duo core machine can`t handle the load, when all routers are at cpu limts.

You can get a quad core machine, which for me is not possible, as i travel a lot and must have a notebook with me. So i can not do some things with one notebook. And if i have a second one,  i can split between two notebooks. I configured the BB`s on one and routers and switches on the other. That should already help a lot. So

I will update my blog, when i have more experience regarding load sharing. It`s still great to work with dynamips. Thanks to the author one more. 🙂

I planning to to my next attempt in february or march next year. Good luck anyone else attempting it maybe even this year in december.

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