Starting a new job next week near Frankfurt and start learning again

I got several offers from companies. Altogether four. Some that had only time limited contracts. But i was looking for a longer investment. I will start tomorrow. Working as a consultant and system engineer mainly in the Cisco world, but will probably have to cover one other manufacturer like extremnetworks or so on. We will see. My new company will support me in making the ccie and i plan to do so in the next year. I think this is an obtainable goal. So i will do my next lab and maybe my last attempt for the R&S next year. I plan to keep working with dynamips and internetworkexpert. I think i will still need some online session to test certain switching features, which will not be reproducable on dynamips. But my new notebook is able to fire up 13 devices including bb routers and 4 switches. I have already tested this in the past and it worked. You have to adjust idle values though.

Currently i don’t know exactly if i have to recert for the CCIE Written. Since in remember, that you have to make an attempt at least every 18 months. But i don’t know exactly.

So i’m looking forward to start learning again and i will have to take time for this on a regular basis.

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