Done 642-642 QoS today

As my last project would haven’nt been about qos, i would have not been that good and it would have not been that easy. I’m on my way to the CCVP cert. Currently i just hope i can learn things as quickly as possible. This test has not been that difficult. QoS is a topic that has not changed a lot in the last years. Even cisco’s design guide for campus qos is about 2 years old from 2005. So things you will learn are about standards, that have not changed a lot since.

What i haven’t seen is an RSVP or IntServ implementation. I would like to test it a bit with dynamips, but i have to keep an going.

Just know now how to implement LLQ, CBWFQ, PQ, CQ and WRED for example. Knowing about COS and DSCP values. I have not had anything about thresholds in the test. I had 45 questions and the passing score was 790 points. Thanks to the good vue testcenter. I had quite a lot of problems with prometric. Probably this is the reason why cisco changed to use only vue as a testing center for cisco tests. Everythings was working fine. I did the test at OpenLine, Maastricht in the Netherlands.

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