dynampis with internetworkexpert version 4.0

It does work. 🙂

I can boot 6 routers, 4 switches and 3 backbone routers alltogether and the machine is still usable.

I had a 1,6 Mhz Machine before and i could not startup all simulations, because after the 6-8 simulations, the notebook got unusable. I had enough RAM but the cpu was not able to handle the load.

Dynamips load desktop

Now i’m using a SuSE 10.2 installation with dynamips-0.2.7-RC3-amd64.bin on a t60 notebook (2,1 DuoCore, 3GB). You don’t even need that much ram, but the cpu power you will definitely.

All routers and switches respand fast. You will need a good idlepc value to save cpu cycles.

Just test it on the dynagen console with „idlepc get R1“ for example. Probably you will set up the same value for all your routers.

Dynagen Console

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