ibm t60

Long time no upgrade. I’m currently have to work a lot and travel much. Just came back from paris and another Telepresence installation. Next week i will be in Hannover.
But i got a new notebook. I’m quite happy with the new t60. I was looking at a lot of notebooks, but i needed the new dual core and the t60 seems like a good choice for cpu intensive work, like vmware and dynamips. So i will be able to run some instances and test more on the new notebook. The notebook comes with 2,16Ghz and i will upgrade it to 3GB main memory soon and later on to 4 GB. Maybe later on i will provide some pictures and maybe some installations guides for the SuSE 10.2 distribution. It will be a pure Linux notebook of course. 🙂 Nothings else needed. Anything else can be done with vmware. A nice thing is the fingerprint reader. You don’t need to type a password anymore and the Gnome Desktop seems to be ready for use.

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