CTS Installation and setting it up

We did one CTS 1000 and one CTS 3000 system in about two days with 10 people. 5 handcraftsmen builing the CTS 3000 system. The have been doing this for the last month nonstop. So i think they did a new record and building this up. I had seen this as very good teamwork. The have been great. Normaly for a good team you need about 2 to three days. But they made it in about 1 day.
It’s including two callmanager 5.1 installations and a telepresence manager (CTM).

Over the last days i worked together with two guys from british telecom and three from cisco, what was a good experiance for me.
It was quite interesting and i think i learned a lot. Last evening a 9 pm we got it working the first time between the two customer sites. It was a little bit like the first moon landing “Houston Houston…. the outpost is connected to the world. I think it a great tv experiance. It’s sexy. :-)

I will try to upload some more pictures in the future.

CTS 1000 screen

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4 Kommentare zu „CTS Installation and setting it up“

  1. ocsic sagt:

    He Wordo, great link. Yes, this is our installation. Thanks for posting man. Will update soon with more information. I will do the next CTS 1000 installation in Paris about next week. Just came from the customers site. Long wok days. Will have the next two days off.

  2. Wordo sagt:

    So you’re working for BT right now? :)

  3. ocsic sagt:

    Wordo, sort of. :-)