Cisco TelePresence

Currently i’m in the respone of installing the first telepresence system in europe. Yesterday we meet with three cisco technicans near munich at the customers site and prepared the ready assessment for the room. It’s a CTS 1000 and CTS 3000 system. The 1000 system is the small one with only one plasma display and the 3000 system is the one with 3 plasma displays. Cisco does a lot in preparing the room to meet the requirements. Sound, light and apearance is very important. There have to be a lot of measurements to be done. It will be cisco’s first installation in europe.

So currently i’m in the response of assembling the CTS system at three different places. Two in Germany and one in France (Paris).

I’m now one month of from learning. Work does take a lot of time. But i hope i will be able to get back soon to learning.

CTS 3000

CTS 1000

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