dynagen tuning / idlepc values

I had to adjust the idlepc values for dynamips.

This is how you do it.

First try to figure out, if there are some presets in the dynagen.net ini file for all routers or for single routers. If there are preconfigured values, these values are likely not to match your current system.

Uncomment them and calculted your own.

This can be done by starting dynagen:

fu@lap:~/internetworkexpert> dynagen router-config.net

Reading configuration file…

Network successfully started

Dynagen management console for Dynamips

=> start R1
100-C3600 ‚R1‘ started
=> idlepc get R1
Please wait while gathering statistics…
Select the values that match your system best.

Starting „xosview“ for example, gives you an impression on how the improvement will be.

I adjusted each router one by one. Improvment was for me by falling from 100% cpu usage to about 20% for one router.
When adjusted the new value should be saved with „idlepc save R1“, then it’s stored in the config file.

I can start all 13 instances with 2 GB Ram. Things take a while on my 1.6 Mhz mobile processor, but they will start up. I haven’t done testing complex labs until now. But this will follow in a few days.

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