Failed on my first attempt in Bruessels

It’s now three days in the past, when i failed on my first attempt in the R&S Lab. It was a very nice expirience and i will try it again. The proctor was very helpful. His name was Stephan. Want to thank for his engagement.
Currently i sell my whole home rack on ebay and switch to dynamips completly. I can’t do working as much as the last times on my own rack and things will fall in value quickly so i decided to do that.

I will still have access to real routing and switching equipment at work. And for learning i have tested dynamips so far and it seems it’s good for configuring and testing. I have currently even tested the new IE v4 lab topology and all routers are running and are ready to go. I start them on an Samsung notebook with 1.6Mhz. I have 2 GB Ram installed though.

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