preparing for the ccie lab

I’m now preparing for the CCIE Lab. I want to take it in october or november this year. Hopefully i can make it until then. I know it’s very hard and there is a lot to learn, but i’m motivated to do so. At least i trying to do it. I haven’t done the written yet. But this i would do maybe two month’s before the lab. Just to check out also my theoretical knowledge.

I have already read a lot about the CCIE Lab. The passing rate is by 80 % and you have 8 hours to complete the topics. Many fail on the first attempt. The timepressure, concentrating on the work and organising might be the hardest task.

I applied to the ccie lab mailinglist at and found this list already very interesting and helpful.

Also the Website at Cisco gives a lot and good information. At the Lab it’s possible to access the website and all information, but the search function is disables. So it’s a good idea to know the website well.

Another resource of information are some books in my self. Mainly TCP/IP Vol. 1+2, Internet Routing and some others also written in German. Google is also often a good choice. But sometimes it takes some time to find the good ones.

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