EIGRP metrics calculation

EIGRP is calculating metrics out of a summary of variables. Here is the formular for EIGRP metric calculation:

(K1*bandwidth+K2*bandwidth/256-load + K3*delay)

only if K4 and K5 are not zero the following operand is is also multiplied:

[k5/(reliability + k4)]

With the default setting on cisco routers the values K1=1 K2=0 K3=1 K4=0 K5=0. so metric is normaly calcuated out of K1*Bandwidth + K3*delay.

To calculate the metric use the following formular:

(10^7/bandwidth(Kbps) + delay(ms)/10)*256=metric

Use the sh ip eigrp topology [ROUTE-ENTRY] to see the setting for the route.




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