traffic generators for testing purposes

Use telnet to debug certain policies and look if traffic is matching. There is the /source-interface option for that.

To controll which source interface telnet is using, you can set it up with /source-interface.

It’s also possbile to generate certain traffic with the rtr command:

R1(config)#rtr 2
R1(config-rtr)#type ?
dhcp DHCP Operation
dlsw DLSW Operation
dns DNS Query Operation
echo Echo Operation
frame-relay Perform frame relay operation
ftp FTP Operation
http HTTP Operation
jitter Jitter Operation
pathEcho Path Discovered Echo Operation
pathJitter Path Discovered Jitter Operation
slm SLM Operation
tcpConnect TCP Connect Operation
udpEcho UDP Echo Operation

R1(config-rtr)#type tcpConnect dest-ipaddr ?
dest-port Destination Port

R1(config-rtr)#type tcpConnect dest-ipaddr dest-port 80 ?
control Enable or Disable Control packets
source-ipaddr Source Address
source-port Source Port
R1(config-rtr)#rtr schedule 2 life 600 start-time now
Or „ip sla monitor“ is available to generate traffic also.


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