Lot’s of information on the CCIE Lab

and lot’s of rumours and talk abouts. Well for me i think i have filtered the most important things out.

1. Read the Lab and check things for at least 20-30 minutes and try to find the pit falls and what might become difficult.
2. Know the DocCD in and out.
3. Try to sleep good before the lab, to get there in good shape. Don’t be to scared. The Lab is a big part of psychological stress testing.
4. Don’t let surrunding influence you to much. Wear maybe earplugs. Take a jacket in. Might be cold also, because of airconditioning. It’s just you, noone else. You can only ask the proctor inelligent questions.
5. Don’t spend to much time on questions, you just get 3 point’s on. There is only 80 from 100 to get. There is no report about the passing points.

This could become a first try success. Even it will not, i will have learned a lot.

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