Multicast, RFC 112, then RFC 2236

  • sending ip packets to a group of hosts in the network, RFC 2236 Internet Group Management Protocol v2
  • delivery of IP datagramms to multiple hosts using a single destination address
  • dynamic membership to groups, clients can dynamicly join groups
  • supports all size of groups

single group address for registred applications, that means multiple applications can stream to a single group address


Address range:

Multicast uses Class D –

Well-known Addresses:

  • All hosts on a subnet
  • All routers on a subnet
  • All distance vector multicast routing protocol routers
  • All OSPF routers
  • All OSPF designated routers
  • All RIP designated routers
  • IGRP router
  • All Protocl independent Multicast (PIM) routers

To configure a router supporting PIM, the cisco way of supporting multicast, you have to enable ip multicast-routing

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