CCIE Lab change 3550 to 3560

Below is a list of the features that are supported on the 3560
(c3560-advipservicesk9-mz.12.2-25.SEC.bin) but not on the 3550

CEFv6/dCEFv6 – Cisco Express Forwarding
Flex Links
IEEE 802.1X Port-Based Authentication
IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet
IGMP Throttling
IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6)
IPv6 Data Link: VLANs using Cisco Inter-Switch Link (ISL)
IPv6 Data Link: VLANs using IEEE 802.1Q Encapsulation
IPv6 MTU Path Discovery
IPv6 Neighbor Discovery
IPv6 Routing: OSPF for IPv6 (OSPFv3)
IPv6 Routing: RIP for IPv6 (RIPng)
IPv6 Routing: Static Routing
IPv6 Services: AAAA DNS Lookups over an IPv4 Transport
IPv6 Services: DNS Lookups over an IPv6 Transport
IPv6 Services: Extended Access Control Lists
IPv6 Services: Standard Access Control Lists
IPv6 Stateless Auto-configuration
IPv6 Switching: CEF/dCEF Support
IPv6: ICMPv6
IPv6: ICMPv6 Redirect
IPv6: Neighbor Discovery Duplicate Address Detection
Private VLANs
QoS Policy Propagation via Border Gateway Protocol (QPPB)

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