loading configurations with copy and paste and over TFTP

It’s quite easy that you can load a configurations into your router. You can for example load the config over TFTP oder you can just copy the config with copy and paste from another terminal.

It’s neccessary that you go into „conf t“ mode.

So if you then just put your configuration from the textfile in your editor into your clipboard, then you can copy it into your terminalwindow and you will see that all commands are set in a row. After this your device is configured.

It’s also possible to load the configuration over TFTP. Of course you need an TFTP Server. Search google to find one, matching your operating system.

Then you can copy a configuration file from the TFTP server directly into mem of the device and into running-config. It looks like:

copy tftp running-config

or for example to

copy tftp nvram:startup-config

to overwrite the startup configuration.

You can list available local configs with:

dir nvram:

As a result you could see:

Router#dir nvram:
Directory of nvram:/

29 -rw- 1410 startup-config
30 —- 5 private-config
1 -rw- 0 ifIndex-table

32762 bytes total (30273 bytes free)

You might have problems with hyperterminal and copy and paste also. It could be possbile to set the charcter dely from 10ms to 200ms. This could work with swollowed characters.

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