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14. April 2010

Starting my journey all over again

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Long time no update. I have done different things and also just came from a holiday. My son is now nearly 2 years old on he is about to make great steps further into the future.

In my current job i have done some migrations and audits for example. Also i made my Prince2 (project management) certification in the meantime.

Time to go deeper again. Time to go in depth with the current sec lab.

In two weeks i will be at the INE bootcamp end of april near london for a week. Currently i’m still trying to setup my lab alltogether. I’m still not having a IDS/IPS solution. I’m hoping the cisco aset lab will open soon to be able to train mor on this equipment.

I was in trouble motivating myself for the next path. But i’m starting again. Currently looking at ACS and IOS authentification.

I still haven’t booked my sec lab yet. But i think this will be at the end of august/september. So here we go.

Glad having gns3 on my side. There have been numerous changes since version 3 and 4. I use it quite often while travelling for example. Great work guys.

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